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3A Composites Core Materials is a global business area within the 3A Composites Group. We are pioneers and a global leader in sandwich composite tech-nology with more than 75 years of experience. Our portfolio consists of high-performing, robust, reliable, yet lightweight and sustainable core materials with our main focus on PET foam and balsa wood.

Our operations are located in Europe (Switzerland), the Americas (NC and KY), China (Shanghai and Changzhou), Ecuador and Papua New Guinea that make our AIREX® foams, BALTEK® balsa wood composite materials as well as FOREX®/ SMART-X® display solutions globally manufactured and locally available.

AIREX® manufacturing locations: Switzerland, USA and China
Since its foundation over 65 years ago, our Swiss site has been the divisional head office and produced AIREX® special closed-cell foams for sandwich technology and gymnastics, as well as FOREX® / SMART-X® lightweight sheets for visual communication.

We have two manufacturing locations in the US: in High Point, NC, home to our North America head office and core materials conversion, and in Glasgow, KY, where our AIREX® PET foam products are manufactured.

We also have two sites in China: one in Shanghai that serves as the regional head office in the Asia- Pacific region & core materials conversion, and one in Changzhou that focuses on the production of AIREX® PET foams. Changzhou is the latest group investment in China that helps in the implementation of companies’ strategies in the APAC region.

BALTEK® balsa manufacturing locations: PNG and Ecuador
Our BALTEK® balsa wood cores are manufactured in Ecuador and Papua New Guinea with a fully integrated model from FSC®-certified owned plantations to worldclass manufacturing standards, being the only balsa wood supplier that can deliver core kits directly from source.

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